Friday, September 5, 2014

What Mobile’s Got to Do with Your Business

With the rise of online marketing, business owners now have larger marketing platforms to promote their brands and build the presence they need. With the emergence of online marketing, the latest technologies have produced an offshoot of online marketing through mobile phones.

Today, mobile phones are a necessity to most people. Just as the Internet did, mobile technology has made information and communication more convenient and portable. Convenience is just one of the many perks of mobile tech, but what exactly should you consider when exploiting this channel?

Keep Your Design Simple Yet Efficient

Mobile marketing gives users the option to access business websites through mobile-sized apps and sites. With mobile marketing, accessing your website will be faster for your customers. But the true challenge is in making your mobile site pleasing and appealing. Keeping the design easy and not too harsh on the eyes will make customers more interested.

Another thing to consider is that the navigating scheme of your site should be easy and user-friendly. People want to get the information they need as fast as possible. If they get confused on moving around your site, they will likely lose their interest in your site. Keep in mind that the first three seconds are crucial in keeping the attention of your possible customers.

Have a Responsive and Engaging Layout

Aside from the design and navigation scheme of your site, you should also make the design responsive to the actions of the customers. Adding subtle stylish animations your website won’t hurt. A responsive design would make your customers more interested to view your site and know more about your business. Give them a chance to have a little fun while they are visiting your site. However, be careful not to add too many flashy movements and animation to the point of making them disoriented in viewing your site.