Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Creating the Perfect Web Design

Online marketing has created new doors and platforms for all business owners to optimize their presence and promote their brands. Through the technology available to us, marketing and advertisement are now not limited to the common forms of media such as print, radio and television advertisements. Today, handling a business often requires you to own a website and social media page or profile, but owning one does not guarantee that you’ll gain more leads and online traffic. You first must entice their attention with effective web design.

Keep Everything Simple and Clean

The rule of thumb in effective web design is this: don’t make your users think. Don’t think that being simple will make your website unenticing to people; in fact, it’s the opposite. People who will view your website will lose their interest if they get confused because of how your web design looks.

Having an intuitive and a visually pleasing layout is the ideal website design. What people want is to easily access the information they need. If they are having a hard time navigating your website, chances are, people won’t stay around your website longer.

Play with Colors

Use the proper colors appropriate for the characteristics and niche of your business. Don’t just put different colors on your web pallet. Go easy on the eyes. Just as we said above, keep the design neat and simple.

Colors have various meanings that you can use depending on the message your website wants to convey. For example, the color red gives the impression of power and passion; using too much red can have an overwhelming effect on your design. On the other hand, green is used for balancing and harmonizing the design, and is appropriate to show themes of wealth, renewal and nature. Lastly, blue evokes a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Use this to show a more soothing appeal and mood in your web design.

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